Plenum Heater

The Latest in Technology for Conversions to Electricity or DUAL-ENERGY
The Thermolec Plenum Heaters are the result of several years of research and development. Their components have been carefully selected to guarantee a product of highest quality, durability and performance.

Thermolec’s constant attention to detail and quality control provide you with the most reliable plenum heater available. Automatic and manual-reset high temperature cut-outs prevent overheating caused by inadequate air flow. Magnetic relays provide instantaneous switching and an exceptionally long service life. The electronic controller allows either heating modes and a green pilot light confirms the selected mode.

Extra features on Dual-Energy Models
Three Position Selector Switch allows electric heating, fossil fuel heating or automatic selection according to the reading of the outdoor sensor or a signal from utility companies offering preferential dual energy rates. The TH-400 Dual-energy controller is designed so that one adjustment of the thermostat’s anticipator suits either heating mode. An electronic fault sensor will automatically transfer from one mode to the other in case of failure of one system. A mode is considered to have failed when it is unable to satisfy the room thermostat for more than 2 hours. A two-position selector switch allows oil heating or automatic selection according to a timer, an outdoor sensor or a utility off-peak signal. A green pilot light indicates the mode that has been selected.

New RETRO model
Easy and cost effective way to add electric heat to fossil fuel furnaces with or without air conditioning. Can be safely installed with most 100 amp service entrances* thanks to a Current Sensor which monitors the use of a large electrical appliance such as a water heater or dryer. If the appliance is in use the plenum heater is automatically put into standby mode as long as the appliance is in use. If heat is required and the plenum heater is in standby or if it cannot satisfy the heating demand, it will automatically switch to the fossil fuel furnace for auxiliary heat.

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