Pneumatic-electronic transducer.
The P37 is a Pneumatic-electronic transducer that converts a 2-13 psi input into a proportional Pulse or 0-10VDC output and therefore replaces both the P35 and P36. For ease of use the board is programmed for 3-8 psi Pulse output selectable from the MODE DIP SWITCHES in Direct or Reverse Acting mode. Custom pressure ranges can be adjusted in the field with qualified pressure gauge and the appropriate DIP Switch setting.

  • 2-13 psi pneumatic input
  • controller works with 24 VAC control voltage
  • Mode DIP Switch provides multiple options
  • adjustable start and span or fixed 3-8psi setting
  • Direct or Reverse acting settings
  • proportional output to control up to 4 SSRs or 0-10VDC output

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